Woodstock EMS 2017 Awards

Woodstock EMS held their annual Holiday party and awards ceremony. The EMS division is a very deciated group of people who continually give their time to the community. Christmas weekend was a good example. It was an extremely busy time for EMS and the on-duty crews, who would rather be home with family, were busy responding to the 15 EMS calls during the weekend.

With that in mind, Woodstock EMS recognized the following people for their incredible work:

Irene 2011 Service Recognition: Lisa Linton, Allison Wade, Bill Luth, Chip Kendall, Jennifer Hutchins, Sari White, Mary Oldenburg, Joe Swanson, and Mike Willis for outstanding service to the Woodstock Community during Hurricane Irene in 2011.

Woodstock Ambulance Service Awards: Mike Willis, 10 years. Joe Duane, Mark Donka and Dayna Astbury 5 years. 

Certificate of Appreciation: Jen Hutchins For outstanding Community Service as an AEMT and continued dedication to her crew and the community.

Certificate of Commendation: Allison Wade For outstanding job performance under adverse circumstances.

Life Savers: Lisa Linton, Erin O'Connor, Bill Luth, Remy Bacaicoa and Allison Wade Have been recognized for outstanding achievement in efforts to resuscitate a patient and providing care to enable their patient to return home with a full recovery.

Valor: Sari White, Jen Hutchins and Jim Armbruster For their determination to provide excellent priority patient care in hazardous conditions. They went above and beyond the expectations of care in hazardous scene conditions. 

Honor/EMT of The Year 2017: Joshua Linton For dedication and consistent year-long devotion to duty beyond the standard of performance.

If you know Bill Luth and you happen to see him ask him about his special award! Thanks again to everyone that volunteers their time for the community at Woodstock FIre/EMS. 

Honor/EMT of The Year 2017: Joshua Linton For dedication and consistent year-long devotion to duty beyond the standard of performance.

Honor/EMT of The Year 2017: Joshua Linton For dedication and consistent year-long devotion to duty beyond the standard of performance.

Four Women Take Major Step as Firefighters


Tonight Woodstock Fire spent time preparing four women to take the upcoming firefighter level 1 and 2 class. The class is roughly 200 hrs and starts in a few weeks and will run until spring. 

The women attending are, Erin O'Conner, Angel Oliver, Remy Bacaioa and Hannah Krawczyk who are very devoted to Woodstock Emergency services, and currently work on the EMS side of the department . While they take this class 3 of them are also becoming paramedics and will be finished in the next 6 months or so , and one is testing for her AEMT. The amount of hours these women have spent training to serve the people of Woodstock the last few years shows great devotion. This also goes for the people in our service have and currently spend hours on duty or training during their busy lives , its hard work yet it gets done!

I'am very impressed with the commitment these ladies have to add this class to their schedules while maintaining full time jobs , being mothers, girlfriends, wives and attending paramedic school and find the time, yet they do.

While we are all very busy and if these women can find time do this WHY can't you ? Woodstock Fire /Ems needs help especially during the day. There is no excuse after reading what these ladies are doing!Come down and see us! We are always there during business hours if we are not out on calls.

Department Cadet and Student Practices 3 F’s: Farming, Firefighting, and FFA


When you hear the phrase, “Get after it,” Curtis Lessard should come to mind. In just 18 short years, the young man has already been an egg farmer, owned his own sugaring operation, served as a volunteer firefighter, and has been an active Vermont FFA member.

“It is definitely hard to balance the schedule at times. FFA kept me busy during school and my job on the farm kept me busy after school. However, farming has a very flexible schedule, so if there is a fire call during the day, most of the time I am able to go,” Lessard said. “Both farming and being a volunteer firefighter are deeply connected to the surrounding community. The two provide a huge sense of family to me.”


Kendall Receives Award for Three Decades of Service


Chip Kendall recently received a special commendation award from the Woodstock Ambulance Service for a rescue. He also received the 30-year service award. Several other members of the Woodstock Ambulance Service also received awards in a recent ceremony. Lisa Linton received Lisa Linton EMS Provider of the year. Remy Bacaicoa, Christine Gould and Jim Armbruster received a Life Saver Award for their acts resulting in saving a patient’s life. Allison Wade and Josh Linton received the Meritorious Conduct Award for the way they handled themselves while performing their duties as EMTs. Mary Oldenburg received a 15-year service award.As the award ceremony was taking place, an emergency services call came in and some of the recipients had to leave before receiving their awards. As the saying goes, duty calls.

New Fire Chief in Woodstock

Butch Sutherland congratulates Dave Green.

Butch Sutherland congratulates Dave Green.

David Green will be Woodstock’s first new fire chief in 25 years when he takes over the helm on Jan. 1, after L.D. “Butch” Sutherland, Jr. retires.

In announcing the appointment at this week’s select board meeting, Town Manager Phil Swanson touted Green’s 26 years of service to the fire department noting, “He’s exceeded anybody’s expectations for training.”

Green credited Sutherland’s leadership for the fire department being in great shape and stated, “I look forward to expanding on that.” He noted that, in particular, he would like to work on the cohesiveness of the ambulance, fire and police departments. “It has been a dream of mine. I look forward to it and hope I can fulfill it with professionalism and honor,” Green said of his new role.