Four Women Take Major Step as Firefighters


Tonight Woodstock Fire spent time preparing four women to take the upcoming firefighter level 1 and 2 class. The class is roughly 200 hrs and starts in a few weeks and will run until spring. 

The women attending are, Erin O'Conner, Angel Oliver, Remy Bacaioa and Hannah Krawczyk who are very devoted to Woodstock Emergency services, and currently work on the EMS side of the department . While they take this class 3 of them are also becoming paramedics and will be finished in the next 6 months or so , and one is testing for her AEMT. The amount of hours these women have spent training to serve the people of Woodstock the last few years shows great devotion. This also goes for the people in our service have and currently spend hours on duty or training during their busy lives , its hard work yet it gets done!

I'am very impressed with the commitment these ladies have to add this class to their schedules while maintaining full time jobs , being mothers, girlfriends, wives and attending paramedic school and find the time, yet they do.

While we are all very busy and if these women can find time do this WHY can't you ? Woodstock Fire /Ems needs help especially during the day. There is no excuse after reading what these ladies are doing!Come down and see us! We are always there during business hours if we are not out on calls.