Kendall Receives Award for Three Decades of Service


Chip Kendall recently received a special commendation award from the Woodstock Ambulance Service for a rescue. He also received the 30-year service award. Several other members of the Woodstock Ambulance Service also received awards in a recent ceremony. Lisa Linton received Lisa Linton EMS Provider of the year. Remy Bacaicoa, Christine Gould and Jim Armbruster received a Life Saver Award for their acts resulting in saving a patient’s life. Allison Wade and Josh Linton received the Meritorious Conduct Award for the way they handled themselves while performing their duties as EMTs. Mary Oldenburg received a 15-year service award.As the award ceremony was taking place, an emergency services call came in and some of the recipients had to leave before receiving their awards. As the saying goes, duty calls.